The Effects Of Excessive Testosterone In Men


Although female ovaries generate some testosterone, the hormone is predominantly male. It is responsible for several secondary sex traits in men like chest hair, a deeper voice; besides back muscles contributing towards a healthy libido, muscle mass, and energy level maintenance.

The issues relating to towering hormone numbers are sporadic and sparse in elderly and middle-aged men who aren’t receiving hormone-related treatments. When there is an imbalance, the hormone generally stoops and not goes up. That’s why using pro testosterone can help with the lower levels.

Normal Levels

Typically, the normal virile hormone level is in the 270 – 1070 ng/dL range, with the average level being 679 ng/dL. The normal level hits its peak at the age of 20, and it declines slowly thereafter. Testosterone below or above normal range is considered a case of hormonal imbalance. Also, some research reports reveal that healthy males usually exhibit between 400 to 600 ng/dL levels.

Excessive Hormones

The disadvantages or drawbacks of men with excessive levels of T hormones include:

• Increased tendency to consume alcohol
• Higher likeliness of smoking
• Increased chances of getting injured
• As per some researchers, elevated hormone degrees of the hormone mean higher chances of men participating in risky behaviors (injury risk, sexual and also criminal activity).

Both males and females who resort to anabolic steroids for gaining athletic advantage or for increasing muscle mass could experience higher proportion of the hormone and develop the following health complications:

• Liver disease
• High blood pressure
• Skin infections
• Aggression
• High RBC count
• Sexual organ dysfunction and/or alteration

Increased Male Hormone Myth

Generally, most males undergoing a hormone test usually are diagnosed with low testosterone. Testing for excessive hormones are very rare.Quite a few individuals mistake anabolic steroid abuse bodybuildingsymptoms with high masculine hormone symptoms. These steroids, which are often a subject of abuse by body builders and athletes, are man-made versions of the masculine hormone. They could cause mood and behavior changes that comprise paranoia, rage, poor judgment, and irritability.

The aforementioned symptoms and diseases, such as breast enlargement and shrunken testicles, related to the hormone are primarily because the excessive hormones get converted to estrogen, the female hormone. Probably, the only symptom that can be directly correlated to excessive hormone levels is mood swing, which happens only with hormone injections.

One effective way of avoiding excess hormone is not opting for testosterone replacement therapy, provided that’s not the only way forward. Many doctors report there are too many males on replacement therapies for no valid reason(s).

If reduced T is your primary or original concern, some changes in lifestyle could help. Exercise and dietary changes, specifically restricting sugar (fructose), consuming saturated healthy fats, and indulging in high-intensity fitness routines could relieve low testosterone symptoms. Reducing stress, strength training, optimization of vitamin D levels in the body could also be extremely beneficial at boosting man hormone levels naturally.

Unexpected Effects of High Testosterone

Higher measures of the hormone could increase a man’s feeling of pride and heighten his self-image. The sense of integrity goes up and one’s self-image and pride gets jeopardized when indulging in fraud. However, the hormone not just helps with being more honest. According to studies, the honest behavior influences T-levels also.

Men with higher manly hormones are likelier to click with the opposite sex. They are more assertive and much more capable of controlling the conversation.

Higher levels of the male hormone have been correlated with obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Men with lesser macho hormones are also more vulnerable to heart diseases.

T hormones help with performance in the bed. It peaks once every 28 days and tends to be the highest during weekends.

And also men enriched with the hormone are likelier to take more financial risks.